1) Abandoned Train 

​For photographs with a moodier look, Galveston offers a plethora of locations. In the middle of Galveston Island, hidden from Broadway traffic, there is an abandoned train. It is a perfect location for midday and dusk photography since one side of the train points west and another side points east. Photos inside and outside the train come out great! Sky colors are stunning during sunset!

5) Downtown Galveston 

Downtown Galveston is known to be a quaint, historic, colorful, active and friendly place! Downtown Galveston offers a variety of backgrounds. There are great murals to be found, interesting brick walls and old 1900 architecture to give you fantastic photos. It is a perfect location for midday and dusk photography since there are a number of shades to hide from the hard sunlight and take amazing photos.

2) The Lone Leadtree  

​The Lone Leadtree is an amazing location due to a unique abundance of changing sky colors throughout the day and every sunset is different. Clouds add to the stunning background. Horizon extends far into the distance as if you were looking out into an ocean. The shade of the lead tree has abundant soft light to photograph during sunny days. This is a great location for couples to take photos. I highly recommend this location during sunset!

3) Galveston Beaches

There are a number of stunning iconic locations for beach photos in Galveston that anybody familiar with the area will recognize. These include Pleasure Pier, Murdoch's, and the 61st street fishing pier. Galvestonians immediately recognize the location of a photograph with a Pleasure Pier in the background. The shade under the Pleasure Pier and Murdoch’s provides a great photography spots during the harsh midday sun. However, midday sun should not stop experienced photographers because off camera flash works great during the harsh sunlight during the day. The beautiful scenery of Hotel Galvez makes an unforgettable background for engagement and anniversary photographs.

 Alternatively, there are a number of secluded locations on the Galveston island beaches that visitors do not know about. These locations are empty even during the busy tourist season and provide an amazing scenery for an uninterrupted beach photography session. Best time for photos on the beach is sunrise and sunset. The combination of purple, red, and blue sky colors during sun rising up and setting make a beautiful background.

Hidden spots for photography in Galveston, Texas.

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Depending on your taste, these locations are fantastic for family, graduation, engagement,

and maternity photo shoots and offer a diversity of backgrounds. Try these out:

4) Cemeteries 

​There are several cemeteries on the Galveston Island. These are hidden spots in plain view in Galveston. They provide amazing backgrounds for specialty photo shoots for unconventional and provocative look. Here are some examples that show some fun I add on a shoot for Halloween. Use your own creativity to express yourself in one of these peaceful, beautiful places!